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Tapachula, Chiapas:

Tapachula, known as La Perla del Soconusco, is considered the economic capital of Chiapas because of its importance in the commercial production. It is located only 15 km from the border with Guatemala, 25 km from the Pacific Ocean and has a port, airport, train lines and a highway that connects it with the rest of the country.
The history, culture and natural beauties of the place are treasured resources for tourism, plus being one of the main border doors between Mexico and South America.
There is a very important area for adventure tourism known as “Route of Coffee”, where around 13 coffee farms and the San Francisco Waterfall, visitors practice eco-tourism, mountaineering, camping and
extreme sports like rafting and rappelling.
Another attractive region is the one known as “Route of the Volcano” (which comes from the Tacana Volcano) where there are: Izapa Archeological Zone, with constructions of Olmecan influence, although the legacy is from the culture mixe-zoqueana.
The region baptized as “Route of the Mangrove” contain: Pozuelos Lagoon, right next to Barra Cahoacan, coming by the Tapachula-Puerto Chiapas Highway, where you can take a tour by boat that will allow you
to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna.